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  • Automotive Electronic and Electrical Reliability

    Automotive Electronic and Electrical Reliability

    Autonomous driving and the Internet of Vehicles have spawned more demand for electronic and electrical components. Automotive companies are required to attach electronic components to reliability insurance so as to further ensure the reliability of the whole automotive; at the same time, the market tends to be divided into two levels, the demand for electronic and electrical component’s reliability has become an important threshold for entering the supply chain of high-level parts suppliers and automotive companies.

    Based on the automotive field, equipped with the advanced testing equipment and sufficient experiences in automotive testing, GRGT technology team has the capabilities to provide customers with complete environmental and durability testing services for electronic and electrical components.

  • AEC-Q automotive specification verification

    AEC-Q automotive specification verification

    As an accepted test specification for automotive-level electronic components in the world, AEC-Q has become a symbol of the quality and reliability in automotive components. AEC-Q certification tests of electronic components plays an important role in improving product competitiveness and quickly entering the supply chain.

  • AQG324 Power Device Certification

    AQG324 Power Device Certification

    The ECPE Working Group AQG 324 established in June 2017 is working on a European Qualification Guideline for Power Modules for Use in Power Electronics Converter Units in Motor Vehicles.

  • ISO 26262 Functional safety Certification

    ISO 26262 Functional safety Certification

    GRGT has established a complete ISO 26262 automotive functional safety training system, covering the software and hardware functional safety testing capabilities of IC products, and has the functional safety process and product certification review capabilities, which can guide relevant companies to establish a functional safety management system .

  • Cable reliability testing and identification

    Cable reliability testing and identification

    During the use of wires and cables, there often occurs a series of problems such as poor conductor conductivity, insulation performance, and product consistency, directly shortening the service life of relative products, and even endanger the safety of people and property.

  • Destructive Physical Analysis

    Destructive Physical Analysis

    The quality consistencies of the manufacturing process in electronic components are the prerequisite for electronic components to meet their usage and related specifications. A large number of counterfeit and refurbished components are flooding the component supply market, the approach to determine the authenticity of shelf components is a major problem that plagues component users.

  • Corrosion mechanism and fatigue test

    Corrosion mechanism and fatigue test

    Service Introduction Corrosion is an ever-present, continuous cumulative process, and often an irreversible process. Economically, corrosion will affect the service life of equipment, cause equipment damage, and also bring other indirect losses; In terms of safety, serious corrosion may lead to casualties. GRGTEST provide Corrosion mechanism and fatigue test services to avoid losses. Service scope rail transit, power plant, steel equipment manufacturers, dealers or agents Service...
  • Metal and Polymer Materials Analysis

    Metal and Polymer Materials Analysis

    Service Introduction With the rapid development of industrial production, customers have different understandings of high-demand products and processes, resulting in frequent product failures such as cracking, breaking, corrosion, and discoloration. There exists requirements for enterprises to analyze the root cause and mechanism of product failure, so as to improve product technology and product quality. GRGT has the capabilities to provide customized services for customers’ produ...
  • Material consistency evaluation and thermodynamic

    Material consistency evaluation and thermodynamic

    Service Introduction Because plastic is a formulation system composed of basic resins and a variety of additives, raw materials and processes are difficult to control, resulting in the actual production and product use process often different batches of product quality, or the materials used are different from the qualified materials when the design is finalized, even if the supplier says that the formula has not changed, Abnormal failure phenomena such as product breakage still occur fr...
  • Microstructure analysis and evaluation of  semiconductor materials

    Microstructure analysis and evaluation of semiconductor materials

    Service Introduction With the continuous development of large-scale integrated circuits, the chip manufacturing process is becoming more and more complex, and the abnormal microstructure and composition of semiconductor materials hinder the improvement of chip yield, which brings great challenges to the implementation of new semiconductor and integrated circuit technologies. GRGTEST provides comprehensive semiconductor material microstructure analysis and evaluation to help customers imp...
  • Failure Analysis

    Failure Analysis

    With the shortening of the R&D cycle of the enterprise and the growth of the manufacturing scale, the company’s product management and product competitiveness are facing multiple pressures from domestic and foreign markets. During the entire life cycle of the product, the product quality is guaranteed, and the low failure rate or even zero Failure becomes an important competitiveness of an enterprise, but it is also a challenge for enterprise quality control.


  • Reliability and Environmental Testing

    Reliability and Environmental Testing


    There will be various defects in the research and development stage. There will be objective conditions that will affect function and performance quality of products in installation location, use frequency and different environments. Environmental tests play an important role in improving the reliability of the product. Seriously, without it, the quality of the product cannot be correctly identified and the quality of the product cannot be ensured.
    GRG Test has been committed to the research and technical services of reliability and environmental tests in product development and production stage, and provides one-stop reliability and environmental test solutions to improve product reliability, stability, environmental adaptability and safety, shorten research and development and production cycle from technology research and development, design, finalization, sample production to mass production quality control.

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