It provides professional failure analysis ,process analysis, component screening, reliability testing, process quality evaluation, product certification, life evaluation and other services for equipment manufacturing, automobiles, power electronics and new energy, 5G communications, optoelectronic devices and sensors,rail transit and materials and fabs, help companies improve the quality and reliability of electronic.

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What are the differences between the technical characteristics of new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles?

At present, there are a variety of new energy vehicles on the market, such as BEV pure electric vehicles, REEV extended-range electric vehicles, PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, FCEV fuel cell electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles using efficient energy storage devices. Compared w...

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GRGTEST won the title of quality supplier of automotive grade chip in 2023 by Gaishi Automobile

With its leading technical capabilities, strong industry influence and important contribution to promoting the verification of automotive electronic components in China, GRGTEST was invited to participate in the conference and awarded the honorary title of “high-quality supplier of automoti...

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GRGTEST won the China Automotive Chip Conference 2023 Best Industrial ecological Cooperation Award

China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and core think tank jointly organized the 2023 China Automotive Chip Conference and China Automotive chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance General Conference was held in Changzhou. With its leading technical capability, strong ind...

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GRGTEST led the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology project,to build a first-class semiconductor industry testing service platform

Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology organized and held the “2020 Industrial Technology Basic Public Service Platform – Public Service Platform Construction Project for Integrated Circuit and chip Industry (referred to as” Project “) ̶...

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GRGTEST was selected as the first batch of Wuxi national “core fire” double innovation base platform

As the first batch of the only third-party technical service units, GRGTEST relying on its own construction of “test service (EMI/EMC test)” and “failure analysis and reliability (FIB analysis) service” successfully selected Wuxi national “core fire” double inn...

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